DIY American Girl Hoverboard by American Girl Ideas

Scissors Hoverboard Wheels Hot Glue Craft Paint Mod Podge or Sealer Carton Caps or Wooden Circles *Wheels Black Craft Foam or Paper Clear Beads, Sequins, or Silver Glitter Tape *Lights Water Flavoring Containers American Girl Ideas Youtube Channel  American Girl Ideas Printables

Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial By Crafting Princesses

This cute little Droid Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial was created by The crafting princesses! Interested in these ribbons? You can find them here… Droid Friends Ribbon Collection Want to Follow The Crafting Princesses? The Crafting Princesses Youtube Channel

8 Loop Bow Tutorial by Mommy Crafts A Lot

This great 8 loop hair bow tutorial was created by the amazingly talented Mommy Crafts A Lot. More tutorials can be found on her blog at! Mommycraftsalot Blog You can also follow her Youtube Channel here! Mommycraftsalot Youtube